Tips to Relieve Stress

Everyone gets stressed from time to time. Some more often than others, and we all show signs differently. However, allowing ourselves to come to the point where we are overwhelmed and panicky is not healthy. I know it's difficult to remain calm at times, but that's why I came up with a few ways to… Continue reading Tips to Relieve Stress


50 Ways to Practice Self-Care

If you're like me, then you're probably always looking for new ways to practice self-care. Things that don't take too much effort are best at times, but sometimes it's helpful to push ourselves a little more. Likewise, it may be a day to overindulge, while other days we may need to cut out certain habits.… Continue reading 50 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Monthly Favorites

September Favorites

Happy Tuesday, everyone : ) One of my favorite types of posts to read are monthly favorites because I love seeing what others have been enjoying. It gives me ideas although sometimes it gets me in trouble because I spend money when I shouldn't.. Whoops! I decided it might be fun to add monthly favorites… Continue reading September Favorites


The Importance of Self-Care

Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well and focusing on their health : ) As I've mentioned in my very first blog post , I like to focus on the importance of self-care. Why? That's pretty simple. You can't possibly perform your duties and responsibilities without it. Not well, at least. You're bound to… Continue reading The Importance of Self-Care